Bobeldijk Butcher Shop

Your traditional butcher for the best meat specialities!

Bobeldijk butcher shop guarantees delicious meat since 1993. Only premium quality meat, tasty cold cuts, fresh ready-made meals and the best spit-roasted chicken. With boundless energy, a passion for meat and always a cheerful mood, Maarten and his team create a store filled with yummy meat specialities.

The relaxed atmosphere, the meal prep tips and ultra-fresh products are an absolute guarantee of quality. Try the Tuscan rolls, “auntie Door’s” free range chicken, the “Speciaaltje”, or the extensive range of barbecue specialities and the home made filet Americain (in two varieties)

Try for yourself at Bobeldijk butcher shop!

winkelcentrum Westwijk Amstelveen


Monday 08:00am – 06.00pm
Tuesday 08:00am – 06.00pm
Wednesday 08:00am – 06.00pm
Thursday 08:00am – 06.00pm
Friday 08:00am – 06.00pm
Saturday 08:00am – 05.00pm
Sunday Closed
winkelcentrum Westwijk Amstelveen

Westwijkplein 86
1187 LV Amstelveen

Phone no. 020-6456824