Pearle Opticians Westwijk

An eye for your optical needs!

Expert advice, engaging staff with a personal approach and an amazing collection are only a few of the features of Pearle Opticians Westwijk. Fantastic eyewear ranging from catchy & trendy frames and accessories to lenses. Renowned brands, sunglasses, reading and computer glasses in a broad price range.

Get your glasses or lenses fitted by our Pearle Opticians expert optometrists for an optimal result.

Do come in for a professional consultation or an eye test, we’re here to help!

winkelcentrum Westwijk Amstelveen


Monday Closed
Tuesday 11.00am – 06.00pm
Wednesday 11.00am – 06.00pm
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Friday 11.00am – 06.00pm
Saturday 11.00am – 05.00pm
Sunday Closed
winkelcentrum Westwijk Amstelveen

Westwijkplein 94
1187 LV Amstelveen

Phone no. 020-2362180