Fish Specialist Ravesteijn

Niks smaakt zo fijn, als vis van Ravesteijn!

Since 1995 is Fishmonger Ravesteijn widely renowned in Amstelveen and its surroundings. With passion for their craft,  Meriam and Herman offer a wide variety of fish delicacies ranging from Hollandse nieuwe, ready-made fish meals, salads, sandwiches. Famous throughout the whole of the Netherlands for the most tasty kibbeling.

Try their other delicious fish snacks as well!

Fishmonger Ravesteijn is seafood at it’s best!

winkelcentrum Westwijk Amstelveen


Monday Closed
Tuesday 10.00am – 06.00pm
Wednesday 10.00am – 06.00pm
Thursday 10.00am – 06.00pm
Friday 10.00am – 06.00pm
Saturday 10.00am – 05.00pm
Sunday Closed
winkelcentrum Westwijk Amstelveen

Asserring 194A
1187 KL Amstelveen

Phone no. 020-6405101